Benefit from Serious Illness Insurance from FRANK

Serious illness insurance is a form of cover that pays out if you end up with a serious medical condition such as cancer or a stroke. It’s important cover because at some point in life it’s possible that you’ll develop an illness that falls into this category, and will need money as a result.

At FRANK, we offer you a payout from our Serious Illness Cover if you have a heart attack, stroke, cancer or undergo open heart surgery. You can spend this payout however you like. This way, if you need to go on holiday to ease your nerves or live out a dream you’ve always had, you’ll have the money to do it. You can also cover some of the expenses that may have taken a back seat due to medical care.

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Regardless of how unpleasant it may be to prepare for a future in which you could be seriously ill, it’s far more detrimental to end up in a situation where your financial wellbeing is jeopardised because you didn’t plan ahead. At FRANK, we have a team of dedicated and motivated agents who are handpicked to ensure that you receive the best service when deciding on a serious illness policy.

Firstly, Serious Illness Cover from FRANK doesn’t provide support for the medical costs associated with your illness; these are usually dealt with via medical aid or hospital plans. Our Serious Illness Policies are focused on providing financial assistance in dealing with the impacts your illness may have on your lifestyle. This is done with a lump sum amount that is paid directly to you in the event that a registered doctor diagnoses you with one of the following illnesses:


This is the death of brain tissue, which can occur as a result of inadequate blood supply to or bleeding within the skull.

lOpen heart surgery

Surgery that requires the division of the breast bone to repair damage to your heart valves or arteries.

Heart attack

Owing to insufficient blood supply, a heart attack causes the death of a portion of the heart muscle. You’ll also find that recovering from a heart attack happens over a fairly long period, so it doesn’t hurt to have spending money to buy yourself some pick-me-ups.


This covers any malignant solid tumour that is diagnosed by uncontrolled growth of cells and the invasion of the tissue of origin, as well as cancer of the blood. Prostate cancer is covered where the tumour can be felt on examination by a doctor.

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