Disability Benefits from acquiring one of our policies

Disability benefits from FRANK give you the opportunity to adapt to your new lifestyle should you become permanently disabled due to illness or injury. The disability benefit we provide is a once-off payment that you’ll receive if your disability renders you completely unable to do any work you would normally be able to do with your education, training and experience. The payout from this policy can be spent on whatever you’d like. You can use it to make adjustments to your house or car, or to keep on top of your daily expenses.

At FRANK, we believe that you know what’s best for you. We don’t want to tell you what to do with your money. It’s yours. If you want a holiday in Tahiti for you and your family or to cover any losses caused by the major expenses that come with being disabled – that’s up to you. Once we’ve paid it, you can do whatever you want with it.

Contact FRANK today on 0860 722 227 to get covered and receive disability benefits should you need them. If the time comes when you need to claim, you’ll be pleased you were covered.

A closer look at disability benefits

What is a permanent disability? Permanent disability completely stops you from being able to work. It’s normally the result of a serious illness or injury. There’s also a classification difference between being impaired and being permanently disabled:

1. A permanent disability completely stops you from being employed in your job or in any other job for which you have the relevant training, experience or qualification. As you can imagine, this means that your ability to earn a salary is gone.

2. By contrast, an impairment (also typically caused by illness or injury) only stops you from working temporarily, if at all. While you may not be able to earn a salary for a period of time, you’d be able to do the same, or a similar, job after some time.

3.   Specialists will be used to assess whether or not your circumstances warrant a payout. Don’t worry; we want to see that you’re looked after and are given every opportunity to adapt to your disability. This is why we have qualified specialists who are trained to handle these claims. Through medical assessments, we’ll be able to determine the on-going nature of your disability, ensuring that you receive your disability benefit. We also have nurses on hand to talk to you about the nature of your disability if it’s necessary.

The disability benefits available from FRANK aren’t a salary replacement nor are they a medical aid. We pay out a cash lump sum that is determined by your personal details.

Contact FRANK today on 0860 722 227 to get Disability Cover.

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