Get direct Life Cover to protect your loved ones financially

Taking out direct Life Cover is a simpler process than it’s ever been. While a variety of companies offer their own variations of this, FRANK sets itself apart by always being direct and helpful. If you want to insure your life and provide a payout for your loved ones after you die, speak to one of our agents on the phone. They’ve been trained to clarify anything that may not make sense to you and will competently guide you through the process. We also have qualified nurses on hand for medical questions.

At FRANK, we make it our business to offer you the most convenient and customer-focused service as possible. This way, you can rest assured that you understand your policy and that your beneficiaries will get a payout after you die. All you need do is take out cover and pay your premiums every month. Then you can relax knowing that your family, or whoever you choose, will receive up to R10 million after your death.

Call 0860 722 227 to get Life Cover from FRANK.

What are the benefits of getting Life Cover direct from FRANK?

With Life Cover you can choose your starting date. Currently it’s the start of the next month or the month thereafter, but it’s your choice. This means that it could be in three days’ time or 60 days from now. There’s no waiting period on Life Cover, but FRANK does need your HIV test within 90 days for you to continue getting full cover.

FRANK strives to make getting life insurance as quick and convenient as possible. All you have to do to get Life Cover direct from FRANK is answer a series of questions - which takes approximately 25 minutes on average - and undergo a free HIV test and pay your premiums. We’ll take care of the rest. To make things easier, you can browse our website for more information on any of our products.

FRANK has built a reputation for providing candid information on our Life Cover. It’s critical that you notify us of any lifestyle choice changes that you make as this could affect your cover and premiums. Lifestyle choice changes include changing your job, starting or stop smoking and joining or quitting high-risk activities or sports.

Discover the benefits of getting a quote from FRANK

Getting Life Cover direct from FRANK is simple and uncomplicated. Not only is the process of applying for a policy efficient, but you’ll always know just what you’re covered for and exactly what will be paid out. And if you’re ever unsure, our agents are only a phone call away.

With direct Life Cover from FRANK, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your family and/or friends have a financial cushion when you die. Contact FRANK on 0860 722 227 and get direct Life Cover today.

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