Life insurance from FRANK in a nutshell

Life insurance covers the unexpected turns of life. You never know when fate will knock on your door and you die before you can secure the lives of your loved ones - most importantly your dependants. Just think about the expenses that they’ll have to carry on their shoulders. Your dependants will have to pay for your burial, they will have to cover all the costs related to your death and all of the paperwork from the debts you've incurred and the other responsibilities you may have left unattended. And these are only the expenses related to your death, there will be many more to come.

What if you’re the breadwinner of the family? With you gone, they’ll need financial help to handle the everyday expenses that need to be paid. They will probably have to start earning their own income until things stabilise. Everything could collapse in the blink of an eye but with steady Life Cover, you won’t have to fear for their wellbeing.

There are different life insurance companies in South Africa but none as straightforward as FRANK.

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The benefits of insurance from FRANK

Your cover from FRANK is personalised and based on you, your personal details, your lifestyle choices and your income. 

Medical history - Any major illnesses or injuries you’ve acquired in the past will have an effect on your premiums. If you and your family have generally good health, this will work in your favour. 

Lifestyle choices and lifestyle choice changes - These include anything that could affect your life expectancy, including changing jobs, taking new medication and starting a dangerous hobby. It is imperative that you notify FRANK of any lifestyle choice changes that could affect your policy to ensure that your claims are approved.

HIV test results - This will affect the type of cover you have as well. If you’re HIV positive you will only qualify for non-natural cover. Either way, we’ll cater to your insurance needs. FRANK will pay for the HIV test.

Once the final figure has been determined, you can get covered quickly. Your beneficiaries will then receive a payout of up to R10 million when you die. This will enable your family to cope with the financial ramifications of your death. With FRANK life insurance, you can be sure that they won’t be left in the dark. They can use the cash to celebrate your life and recover from the loss of income at the same time. 

All debts can be paid, and life can go on without any extra complications.

For direct assistance, call FRANK on 0860 722 227. There will always be someone able to answer your enquiries and assist you with getting life insurance today.

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