Taking out Disability Cover from FRANK is straightforward

Disability Cover is a vital form of insurance that will protect you financially if you can no longer work as a result of a permanent disability caused by an illness or accident. You may be surprised at how many people get sick or injured to such an extent that they can’t work in a job for which they are trained, or qualified or have experience. This is a reality for thousands of South Africans, many of whom would have benefitted from having disability insurance before the event that disabled them.

This is why FRANK offers you the opportunity to get financially protected with Disability Cover, will pay out between R200 000 and R5 million in cash in the event of a disability. It’s important to bear in mind that Disability Cover isn’t a savings or investment account and you can’t get money back by terminating your agreement.

You’ll have to keep paying your premiums diligently and notify FRANK of any lifestyle changes in order to qualify for the Disability Cover lump sum payout.Why not protect your finances with this valuable cover by speaking to a FRANK agent who can help you get cover? The process is reasonably quick and the rewards will give you financial freedom should you become disabled and, as a result, be unable to work.

Call FRANK at 0860 722 227 to get Disability Cover.

Taking out disability insurance from FRANK. When you take out cover from FRANK, you’ll experience straightforward service from our agents. However, we’ll need to get some information from you in order to get you covered.

Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  1. Your full name & contact details

  2. Your height, weight and general health

  3. Your household income Smoking status & alcohol consumption

  4. Other policy information

When you call us, you’ll need to have the above information on hand, as well as your banking details, the details of your beneficiary and contact details for your doctor (GP). This will help move the process along quickly.Once you’re done with the call, you’ll receive your confirmation documents via email. This is the quickest and most environmentally friendly method of getting your policy to you.

Call FRANK on 0860 722 227 to get Disability Cover today

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