What does serious illness insurance have to do with you?

Everyone knows that suffering from a serious illness will significantly affect your standard of living. You may not be able to play your favourite sport anymore and doing everyday activities could be a physical challenge. But have you ever wondered what will happen to your finances in this situation?

The likelihood is that you won’t be taking any lavish holidays or go on any shopping sprees – unless you have serious illness insurance from FRANK. With our Serious Illness Cover, you can get a lump sum cash payout of up to R2 million if you’re diagnosed with one of the four major serious illnesses, including cancer, a heart attack, a stroke or if you have to undergo open heart surgery.

Your Serious Illness Cover payout can be used however you see fit, which means that if buying an Armani suit will make you feel better, you can buy one. You can also use your payout for more practical things like paying your bills and putting food on the table. We really don’t mind what you spend it on, so long as it makes your life more comfortable during this tough time. Just bear in mind that jet planes and amusement parks usually cost more than R2 million.

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What does Serious Illness Cover offer you?

Serious Illness Cover is more than just insurance, it’s a product that can offer you and your family a variety of benefits such as:

  • One less worry – Modern life is stressful enough as it is without the added financial strain that comes with medical or health problems. No stress is good stress, especially when you want to be in optimal health. With this cover, you can eat that entire bucket of fried chicken knowing that if you get seriously ill – we’ll pay.
  • Financial leeway – Ordinarily, when you’re seriously ill, you’ll be forced to spend your money on medical bills because healthcare is costly, and other expenses tend to chew up any disposable income. Your medical aid or hospital plan can pay for your healthcare but with Serious Illness Cover from FRANK you’ll have extra money for whatever you’d like. Feel like a holiday will do you good? Take one. Whatever the expense, we can help you pay for it if you’re seriously ill.
  • A chance to take control – There’s nothing worse than sitting around, waiting for something bad to happen. The big four serious illnesses (cancer, heart attacks, open heart surgery and strokes) could easily happen to you as they do with thousands of South Africans every day. Instead of being a passive participant, why not take control and empower yourself before you, quite likely, become seriously ill. Take the bull by the horns and govern your own financial destiny instead of dreading these illnesses.

Anyone can become seriously ill and benefit from being financially prepared. Why not make sure you have everything you need?

Call FRANK on 0860 722 227 to buy serious illness insurance.

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