What happens after you’re dead?

People die. You’ve probably seen it a hundred times in one form or another. Perhaps it’s on the news, in magazines or someone you really loved (or secretly didn’t like at all) is now dead. As sad as it is, it’s a reality and it gets everyone eventually. So, why not get the best life insurance for you, and leave the people you love a lump sum of cash after you die?
Your death doesn’t have to leave devastation in its wake. Your family can be comfortable after it happens without ending up doing work they hate to make ends meet or sacrificing their quality of life because you aren’t alive to provide for them anymore.

It may seem like a strange thought but, in many ways, you can determine what happens after you’re dead. Will the people you love get to celebrate your life on a beach in the Bahamas? Or will they be wondering how they’re going to pay for that diamond-encrusted headstone you’d always wanted? You can decide what happens to them financially after you die. With FRANK, you can give them the opportunity to remember you in style.

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Compare Life Cover to no Life Cover:
  • Your daughter has to marry rich - Let’s say she meets someone she loves after you’re gone. There’s a possibility she may have to marry for security instead of love. Times are hard and money is scarce. Would you like her to opt for a rich man with no sense of humour but with a massive pay cheque rather than someone she loves?
  • Your son takes out loans he’ll never pay off - He may have kept some of that ambition he had before he lost a parent. However, he could also struggle to keep up a part-time job while trying to do his thesis on molecular biology. Would you prefer him to suffer while he pays off his student loans.
  • Your spouse/partner has to move back in with their mother - Many mothers-in-law are no picnic. Would you want to stay with yours if you didn’t have to? Your partner may feel the same way, even if it is their parent.
By contrast, with a payout they could:
  • Take a trip to a place that helps them remember you - There’s nothing quite like a visit to a favourite family holiday destination to conjure up memories of past good times. However, your family won’t be going anywhere if they can’t afford the basics. 
  • Have a fresh start - At the end of the day, your family is going to miss you. Make the transition from life with you to life without you easier by leaving them money to handle the bills while they mourn their loss.

With FRANK, you can help mould what happens to your family after you die. Call us on 0860 722 227 to get Life Cover from FRANK.

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