A Life Insurance company is your partner for life

When you’re researching life insurance companies, look for one that is clear about all aspects of their policies and has an open line of communication with its clients. When it comes to being honest and straightforward, FRANK strives to be a leader amongst life insurance providers.

Our website tells you everything you need to know about our company and our products with easy-to-understand language that’s FRANK and honest. Alternatively, you can call us today on 0860 722 227.
Things to remember when talking to a life insurance company

A good life insurance company should strive to offer its clients a combination of effective products and reliable services. Technically, the premium you pay each month is directly linked to the amount of your cover, which is considered the product you’re buying. While FRANK offers four effective standalone products (Life Cover, Salary Protection, Serious Illness Cover and Disability Cover), we also focus on giving you access to agents who are only a phone call away. When you need to know, we can tell you exactly what you’re covered for and what we’ll pay out in various circumstances.

At FRANK, we calculate a quote based on you as an individual. The questions we ask allow us to give you a detailed and accurate estimate quickly. This way, you have certainty regarding your premiums and know exactly what you’re covered for.

Your life insurance company should be your partner in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Life insurance is usually a long-term solution and the company you choose will be your service provider for many years (more than likely up until the day you die). Furthermore, the process doesn’t end once you’ve chosen the right life insurance company and product that best suit your needs. As you change over the years, your policy will need to adapt to accommodate this. FRANK’s experts are on hand to answer any questions and talk you through any changes. It is important to keep FRANK in the loop regarding your life choice changes as they could affect your cover and premiums. Remember to let us know if you start or stop smoking, change jobs, or start or stop any risky sports or intend travelling to different countries.
Get an insurance provider that will focus on you

At FRANK, we believe that the life insurance company that you choose should be an open book to you and always eager to assist. To this end, our agents are well trained and we have registered nurses on standby to answer any technical medical questions that you may have.

Contact us today on 0860 722 227 and talk to a leader amongst Life Insurance companies.

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