Don’t be afraid of heart attacks, strokes, cancer or open heart surgery

Cancer, heart attacks, strokes and open heart surgery are serious illnesses that many people fear. They come in many different forms and, in the case of cancer, can start in almost any part of the body. At FRANK, we want you to empower yourself instead of feeling nervous or scared. Fear often stops people from preparing for the future, but putting it off will only make matters worse.

By taking out Serious Illness Cover from FRANK, you’ll not only be covered for malignant cancer, you’ll also receive a payout for other common serious illnesses like heart attacks and strokes, as well as open heart surgery. An interesting fact is that most people who suffer these illnesses don’t die from them. They go on to live relatively long lives. Serious Illness Cover protects you financially so that if you don’t die from these illnesses, you can live well and afford the luxuries you need to aid your recovery.

Call FRANK on 0860 722 227 to get Serious Illness Cover and move past the fear of the unknown. Serious Illness Cover from FRANK – Take charge

Here are four tips to help you choose cover from FRANK:

1. Grab the bull by the horns - Don’t spend time stressing about what could happen. Instead, take action and live your life without constantly worrying how you will be able to afford being seriously ill.
2. Understand that you’re more likely to live than die - Heart attacks used to be mostly fatal. However, nowadays many people survive heart attacks. Wouldn’t you like to know that if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a heart attack that you’ll have money while you recover? Stroke and cancer are also not death sentences anymore. Make sure you don’t end up unable to afford the luxuries you’re used to.
3. Get cover over the phone - You can speak to our agents and take out cover over the phone. Just be honest about your lifestyle and any personal medical details you may be required to provide.
4. Let your family breathe a sigh of relief - A serious illness can be expensive for the whole family. Nobody wants to leave you alone in your time of need but they’ll need money to be by your side. Your payout can be used for anything you choose, which means you can use it to fly your family in should they live far away.

At the end of the day, you can’t control whether you get a serious illness or not, but you can take the situation into your own hands to some extent. Get insured and have some money to pay the bills, put your mind at ease and spoil yourself should you suffer from a heart attack, stroke, cancer or undergo open heart surgery.

Call FRANK on 0860 722 227 today to get Serious Illness Cover and stop fearing the future.

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