Exercising and Keeping Fit to Avoid Serious Illnesses

Keeping fit and healthy should always be a top priority, from keeping your mind functioning at its best to dealing with stress, and everything in between, fitness can change your life. From head to toe, a lack of physical fitness can lead to or aggravate an array of medical issues including serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia.

But if you are unsure of which type of exercise will work for you, here is a quick guide to some of the current popular exercise trends. But before you tie up your trainers and hit the pavement, always consult with a medical professional before taking on a new exercise regime, especially if you suffer from a chronic ailment or a history of medical problems.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise program using short, intense anaerobic routines in time periods or intervals of between 20 to 90 seconds with resting times in between. One format is Tabata, which is a workout made up of 8 sets of 4 minutes, broken into 8 sets of 20 second activities and 10 second rests.

HIIT can be applied to any form of exercise, from sprinting to squats. Interval training, like Tabata, aims to increase your athletic ability, improve your metabolism and burn fat. Research is pointing to it being a more fast acting and effective form of cardio than traditional jogging or cycling.

HIIT can be used with a few different goals in mind, whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or focussing on improving your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Virtual Reality/Digital Fitness

With such a huge boom within the technology sector in recent years, it’s no surprise that fitness has also been integrated into gaming, becoming quite a common form of exercise enjoyed by people of all ages. Starting out with the EyeToy for Play Station 2 in the 2000’s and progressing to the Nintendo Wii, this new, noteworthy fitness trend has now become a standard in console gaming.

With dance, yoga, Pilates and general exercise routines available at the touch of a button, accompanied by camera monitored movement and positioning, exercise has become a game encouraging full body movement in place of the usual handheld controller.

You can even take part in fun and interactive games of digital tennis, Olympic skiing and hurdles, promoting your overall health and fitness. Now beating your high score can also mean losing weight and building muscle.

Body weight training/Calisthenics

Body weight training, or calisthenics, is a way to exercise and get fit using your own body weight. Focusing on more primal movements and mixing a series of full body exercises allows for a clutter free workout environment that can give you great results.

Predicted to be the next shift in the exercise paradigm, the focus is on strategic movement and the flexibility your body requires, using your body as its own weight rather than lifting weights or using machines. Calisthenics can be done anywhere, from the privacy of your home or in groups in public parks, with not much more than some basic movement pattern knowledge.

Training Apps

With all the buzz around smart phones and constant connectivity, it is no surprise to see exercise, fitness and health being incorporated into these devices. What started out as a tool to keep in contact has now become a mini computer where you can store your personal fitness record, time your workouts and even allow for online challenges with friends and sharing of your progress across social networks.

From apps that monitor your steps and calories to those that collect and compare health and fitness data, all-inclusive apps can track every aspect of your life. Some even track heart rate and blood pressure, giving you work out times in relation to your needs, while also showing what you require for your daily nutrition consumption, a way to make technology work for you and your health.

There is no doubt that we currently live in a time where more and more people are embracing good health and fitness, and the growth of these trends only reflects the importance you should put on keeping your body in shape.

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