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Often, people don’t consider buying life insurance online in preparation for the inevitable event of their death. It may seem morbid, but getting life insurance will give you peace of mind while you’re still alive, and provide for your chosen beneficiaries financially after you die.

These days, information on insurance providers and their products is generally freely available on the Internet. Gone are the times when you’d have to get insurance through a broker. All you need to do to find information is hit a few keys on your keyboard and you’ll be presented with a list of insurance websites competing for your attention.

This is why FRANK is offering you the following tips to help you in your online search for an insurance company. Of course, the hunt could end here. Contact FRANK on 0860 722 227 for an online Life Cover quote today!

3 tips for buying life insurance
  • Asses your life insurance requirements. Before contacting life insurance companies, it’s important to assess your life insurance requirements. There are several things that you should consider, including your number of dependants and amount of debt. If there are other people who rely on you financially, it is wise to get a life insurance policy that can sufficiently cover their financial requirements and any debt that you may have accumulated over the years.
  • Prepare your information beforehand. You will need to give your medical and health information to get a life insurance quote. It will greatly speed up the process if you have all of your information in order. Important information includes measurements, such as height and weight, and your medical history.
  • Give accurate information. It’s important to give accurate health and medical information as this will determine your eligibility and cost of your premiums. Lying about your weight or neglecting to mention a condition could affect your claims.

Contact FRANK today on 0860 722 227 for a free online life insurance quote, or to find out more about Life Cover from FRANK.

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