Life Cover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Life Cover from FRANK.NET provides you with the peace of mind that accompanies securing your loved ones' financial future when you die.

Browse the below FAQs regarding our Life Cover product. Call 0860 722 227 to get more information.

1.   Who may I choose as my beneficiary?

With Life Cover from FRANK.NET, you can choose anyone to be a beneficiary.

2.   Can I add or change my beneficiaries at a later stage?

Yes, as the policyholder, you’re entitled to change or add beneficiaries at any time, as well as decide what percentage of the payout they will receive when you die.

3.   Can the person who pays the premium be someone other than the life assured policyholder?

Yes, a conference call needs to be organised with the premium payer and policyholder. The person who's paying for the policy gives permission and provides banking details.

4.   What happens if one of my beneficiaries is a minor at claim stage?

The payment can usually be put in a trust - this will be dealt with by the claims department. Should you require additional information please call 0860 722 227 to speak to a consultant. Please note that we won't provide estate advice.

5.   What happens if one of my beneficiaries dies before me?

The deceased beneficiary’s portion of the payout will be paid into your estate.

6. If I get sick and know I am going to die, can I claim before I die?

This is a Life Cover policy, which means that you have to die in order for the claim to be paid. We do, however, have products that pay out if you become seriously ill.

7.   What can I be covered for if I don't qualify for FRANK.NETS full cover?

We have products that will provide cover in the event of death as a result of an accident or injury.

8.   Can FRANK.NET's Life Cover be used as a cession?

Yes you can cede your FRANK.NET Life Cover in the event of your bank requiring a cession.

Call FRANK today on 0860 722 227 to invest in Life Cover. Our agents are ready to provide the information you need. We also have qualified nurses on hand to answer any complicated medical queries that you may have regarding your cover.

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