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Often we spend too much time worrying about things that more than likely will never actually happen. This unfounded worry only tends to lead to high stress levels and a build-up of fear. Many people often invest vast amounts of funds into these fears and in the process completely miss the very possible issues that they may actually end up facing. Luckily, FRANK.NET looks realistically towards the future to ensure its customers are covered for events that may really happen, yet are commonly overlooked.

With Serious Illness Cover from FRANK.NET, you can be kept protected as you continue with day-to-day life. Whether you suffer from a stroke, heart attack, cancer or have to undergo open heart surgery, FRANK.NET covers all with a cash lump sum valued between R100 000 and R2 million (depending on your personal profile and chosen level of cover). The money can be used as you see fit, from a holiday during the time of recuperation, to paying bills and mortgages while being unable to work. The goal is not to pay for medical expenses necessarily, but rather to ensure that you receive a payout during such a time of need.

With all the ups and downs of life, stress and sickness can affect your responsibilities; they can deplete your zest for life as well as impact negatively on your work and social life. With the constant worry that accompanies daily living, many overlook planning for serious situations and life-altering events that may very well end up materialising. You can take care of these unforeseeable circumstances by taking out cover so that you can take some of the worry off your shoulders. With Serious Illness Cover you need not worry about your bills or family responsibilities while facing this difficult time. A payout from FRANK.NET can help you focus on getting well and regaining your strength.

Strokes, heart attacks and cancer are not situations that are easily handled, mentally or physically, and often result in the breadwinner being unable to work. This has financial implications for the family members who rely on the income and also affects one’s ability to pay monthly bills. These expenses continue each month. Mortgage payments, car insurance, rent, water, electricity and other sundry expenses can weigh up to quite an amount, and the lack of the breadwinner’s income can affect the rest of the family. And this does not even include the expenses associated with serious illness such as hospital bills, medication and travelling expenses that can also add to the pressure of a low, single or no income situation.

FRANK.NET’s Serious Illness cover allows you to invest in the future of you and your family and take control over the unforeseen health issues that may arise. Even if you're able to pay your usual bills during your recovery period, your Serious Illness Cover payout can be used to remove the stress caused by financial obligations, or fund a much-needed family getaway so that you can spend time together and relax following a serious disease. As mentioned before, the money will be yours to do with as you see wish.

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