Serious Illness Cover from FRANK can help you if you contract a dread disease

A dread disease is an illness that significantly affects the standard of living of the person suffering from it, shortens their lifespan or incurs a high cost. Common dread diseases include heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Serious Illness Cover is our solution to planning for these health battles. Should you need open heart surgery, be diagnosed with cancer or suffer from a stroke or heart attack, Serious Illness Cover can ensure that you can recover in comfort. Knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living just because you’re seriously ill, can give you peace of mind and may even help to speed your recovery.

Contracting a dread disease is usually unforeseen and can leave many people in serious financial trouble. But this doesn’t have to be the case with Serious Illness Cover from FRANK. Not only can you use your payout to cover your bond, car insurance and children’s education, but you could also take your family on holiday or install that Jacuzzi you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable while you recover is fine with us.

FRANK’s Serious Illness Cover covers the four major conditions that most affect South Africans: heart attacks, strokes, cancer and open heart surgery.

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Why it’s important to cover yourself today

Anyone who feels that they don’t need Serious Illness Cover, should bear in mind that many people who become seriously ill not only survive, but don’t ever get back to full health. FRANK’s Serious Illness Cover can help you to maintain a certain standard of living, even if you never recover fully.

Take note of the following statistics to understand the urgency behind acquiring cover today:

1. 70% of South Africans who suffer strokes survive.

2. The majority of heart attack patients admitted to hospital survive.

3. In South Africa, there is a heart attack victim every eight minutes.

4. 25% of South Africans who suffer from heart attacks had no previous tell-tale symptoms.

5. Many cancer patients die of old age with the majority living at least five years after diagnosis.

6. One in six South African men will be diagnosed with cancer.

7. One in seven South African women will be diagnosed with cancer.

FRANK urges you to consider the benefits preparing yourself financially should you suffer from a serious illness. Ensure that you can handle the extra expenses involved in recovering from a dread disease with our Serious Illness Cover product.

With well-trained agents and qualified nurses available to answer your questions, FRANK is a respected insurance provider offering no-fuss direct solutions.

Don’t wait too long to get a serious illness insurance policy, the cost of premiums rise substantially as you get older and, once you’ve suffered a life-changing illness, it’s too late.

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