Stroke victims can be happy again

Strokes are devastating and, unfortunately, they can happen more than once, which makes the recovery process even more stressful. Stroke victims are often left with related health problems that require them to go to physical therapy, endure regular doctor visits and pay a ton of medical bills. This is when a payout from FRANK’s Serious Illness Cover would come in handy. The money that policyholders receive after having a stroke will help them relax and recover. To be FRANK, the payout you receive from this cover won't physically help you to recover from your stroke, but it will cover the personal expenses you incur during this time.

Part of the recovery process for stroke victims is exercise. Before you become annoyed at the thought of rehabilitation, understand that it doesn't mean you need to become a marathon runner or spend an hour in the gym each morning. If you have Serious Illness Cover from FRANK, you can enjoy a payout of up to
R2 million to spend on whatever you want while you go through this, including a young, attractive personal trainer or two.

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Exercise for stroke victims – The facts

Stroke recovery can consist of hospital rehabilitation, home rehabilitation therapy, outpatient rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. Some stroke victims may not even start rehabilitation for some time after a stroke.

  • Exercises for stroke victims can be anything from physical to cognitive therapy. What stroke victims need to relearn differs greatly from patient to patient as no two strokes are alike. The common types of exercises used to rehabilitate stroke victims are those that help with learning to eat, walk and function as they did before.
  • Recovery – This isn’t something that has a time limit; it can take anywhere from months to years. Many people who have strokes can function almost fully, after some rehabilitation therapy. Others learn to function completely on their own. Some people aren’t so lucky and need long-term care. A long-term care facility is expensive. While you may have joked with your kids that you were paying for their college education so they could get good jobs and take care of you in your old age, sometimes it’s necessary to hire an educated caregiver if you had a stroke.

With all these expenses, a payout from FRANK can help you to lessen the stress of recovery. Nobody should have to worry about recovering from a stroke but sometimes it’s totally unavoidable. Stroke victims should rest easy knowing their expenses are being handled. Now you have a chance to offer yourself this luxury before you find yourself in this position.

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