Why you should be prepared with Disability Cover

When you get permanently disabled, you can still chase your dreams, just probably not on foot. That’s why you need to plan financially for your future to afford yourself the same opportunities that you have now. After all, if you find yourself disabled, you’ll need money to adapt to your new circumstances.

Disability Cover can catch you when you fall. If you become permanently disabled and are unable to work, FRANK.NET can pay you a lump sum of cash so that you can maintain a regular lifestyle and make the appropriate changes to accommodate your new situation. Contact FRANK.NET for a free disability cover quote today.

The top 5 most common disabilities

Read through the list below to find out about the five most common disabilities:

1. Heart disease - Cardiopathy (or heart disease) is an umbrella term for many diseases that affect the heart. These include coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, heart failure and inflammatory heart disease.

2. Spinal damage - A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is an injury to the spinal column caused by trauma instead of disease or illness. The symptoms are different - depending on which part of the spine suffers damage - from paralysis to incontinence.

3. Vision problems - Permanent visual disabilities, such as blindness, can drastically affect whether you can do your job and, provide for yourself financially. Generally, blindness is a result of a disease, injury, genetic defect, poisoning or an accident.

4. Hearing loss - A permanent disability like partial or complete deafness can drastically affect your ability to work in your current position. The main causes of deafness are age, genetic conditions, disease, illnesses and drugs.

5. Loss of limbs - Amputation is the removal of a body part such as the arm or leg either by trauma or surgery. As a surgical practice, it’s used to control pain or to stop diseases like malignancy or gangrene from getting worse in the limb.

Be sure to talk to a FRANK.NET agent about what you’re covered for. We have trained medical staff on hand who can give you the information you need about your cover and claiming should you become disabled.

Contact FRANK for a free Disability Cover quote.

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