What is whole life insurance

No one knows when they’re going to die, and any parent wants to be sure that their children are well provided for when they’re left behind. This is where whole life insurance comes in because when you kick the bucket, your family will have the financial security that they need to catch it and fill it up with money. This cash can contribute to maintaining their lifestyle or giving them a more promising future.

This is because whole life insurance covers you from the time you take it out until your death. Other forms of life insurance cover you over a temporary, specified period of time. Your whole life will be full of twists and turns, and if you’re not prepared for them you can be caught off guard. The randomness of life can turn things completely upside down, which is why it’s always important to prepare for the unknown and have life insurance over as long a period as possible.

If you’re in a situation where you’re the parent, biologically or by law, you have a greater responsibility to ensure that your children or partner are taken care of. Why not help them keep the water running and the stove working so that they can at least eat?

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Life Cover from FRANK

Will your children and/or spouse be able to have the quality of life you shared together after you’ve died? The basics even? These are questions that can help you determine where they’ll be without you. The only sure-fire way to know that they’re taken care of is by getting them a secure payout from FRANK when you die.

This way, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your children, or whoever you choose to get a payout, will be okay financially. Whole life insurance lets you do that and it gives you the peace of mind that they can financially recover from your death.

Benefits of having life insurance

FRANK creates every product with your wellbeing in mind. You can then tailor it by spending your payouts as you wish:

  • It’s very easy to take out - You don’t have to worry about filling in a long application form. In fact, you don’t have to fill in any forms at all.
  • All it takes to get started is a simple phone call - You can initiate an application online and the life insurance team will call you to talk you through it and get you covered.
  • This cover is based on your personal profile and circumstances - This means that it will be tailor-made for you.
  • Your beneficiaries can get up to R10 million - This is the ultimate gift to them as you can ensure that they have all that they need.
  • The money paid out to your beneficiaries is tax free – Your beneficiaries get to use the full amount to maintain their standard of living (or improve it for a time) after you die.
  • Life insurance is something that every person should have as it makes life much easier for family and friends who are still alive when you aren’t. As a result, you can still give the people you love everything you would have given them were you still alive.

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