When good Halloween costumes go bad

Got a perfectly frightful get-up in mind for the Halloween parties you’re bound to be invited to? From ghosts and goblins to zombies and vampires, there’s no end to your list of options when it comes to creating a ghoulish costume. But here are some things to consider to ensure your killer outfit doesn’t end up killing you. Safety first, people!

Whether you’re opting for a shop-bought costume or a DIY special, make sure the materials and fabrics used are fire resistant or your Halloween night might end up going down in flames. Yes, it really could happen. Consider these poor souls who found out the hard way: According to www.darwinawards.com, a Canadian man died in 1998 when his mummy costume (made of cotton batting) burst into flames when he accidentally set it alight while having a smoke. A similar incident occurred in 2013, when a 51-year-old man dressed as a sniper in camouflage burned to death at a Halloween carnival in California. The Los Angeles Times reports that the man’s costume (made of hessian sacks and straw) caught alight when he lit a cigarette.

While you want your Halloween costume to stand out, going for a too-realistic look could result in a rather grisly end. According to a report on www.upi.com, a 23-year-old Cleveland man died while putting the finishing touches on his Dracula costume. Presumably to appear as though he had a dagger through the heart, he drove a knife into a wooden board he’d placed over his chest and accidentally stabbed himself to death.

Fortunately not all Halloween-related injuries are fatal – but they can be debilitating. Tripping over a bulky costume can result in sprains and broken bones, while outfits with swords and sharp edges could end up jabbing you or someone else in the eye. And if you’re planning on using costume make-up, it’s a good idea to test it on a small patch of skin before applying it to your face. A Huffington Post article warns that some costume make-up may contain ingredients that can cause irritation and rashes. Finally, if you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, add some reflector tape to your costumes to ensure you’re easily visible to passing cars.

All of this goes to show that life has a way of throwing the unexpected (and occasionally the ridiculous) our way, and Halloween is no exception. While you never know when your number might be up, you can protect yourself and your family with no-nonsense Life Cover and Disability Cover from FRANK.NET.



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