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FRANK pays.

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Introducing FRANK.NET

FRANK.NET is expanding to build a culture of valued performers who are action-driven, radiate enthusiasm and are fanatical about customer service. If you can stay resilient in an ever-changing and dynamic work environment and can aspire to higher targets and achievements while contributing to the greater team effort, FRANK would love to hear from you!

FRANK handpicks individuals that can take initiative, work with and without instruction to fulfil their own potential and achieve the company’s ambition. Whether you are a first-time job seeker, mid-career specialist or a highly skilled professional, you are sure to ofit right in if you are performance-oriented.

FRANK invites you to apply for career development opportunities that match your competencies, talents, qualifications, work experience and aspirations.

FRANK.NET is an authorised financial services provider with a straightforward approach to life investments. FRANK tells it like it is! FRANK’s products are underwritten by Liberty Group Limited and sold direct to customers via telephone by call centre agents. FRANK is backed by one of the world’s leading reinsurers, Munich Re.

FRANK wants you

FRANK handpicks individuals that can take initiative, work with and without instruction to fulfil their own potential and achieve the company’s ambition.

Cherry Picking

Every person in the FRANK.NET team is selected based on his or her experience, integrity, qualifications and ability to communicate well. Because we handpick our employees, FRANK.NET ensures a friendly, professional and efficient customer experience.

Our motto is to be forthright and open and we have created a can-do and go-get culture. With our fresh and cutting-edge approach to business, we are inspired to be quick-witted, productive and sincere while focusing on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our motto is to be forthright and open.

Key to success

I started at FRANK as an agent, earning good commission and hitting target. Training at FRANK is thorough and ongoing, making my success easier. Many managers in the company are willing to share knowledge, guide and develop staff. After participating in the FRANK’s Got Talent programme, I was appointed as team leader. The programme identifies staff with potential to be developed. During my time as a team leader I attended various courses and also completed my RE exam (Regulatory Examination). I am now given the opportunity to complete a one-year course in Call Centre Operations. Growth is generally important to a lot of people – at FRANK staff has every opportunity to apply for internal vacancies. I plan to stay at FRANK for as long as I can, and I’m looking forward to learning and growing within the brand.

Retentions Team Leader

I started at DFS in April 2010 as a SQA agent and am now currently the SQA Manager. Each year spent at FRANK.NET has been an amazing self-discovery journey. FRANK continues to deliver on promises to develop my knowledge and strengths with additional training. I’ve also been provided with growth opportunities via the FRANK’s Got Talent programme. Overall, FRANK is a wonderful company to work for and be a part of.

SQA Manager

When I started working at FRANK.NET I set a goal of growing within the company. I figured it would take a few years before an opportunity arose that I could take to achieve my goal. I started as a customer services agent and the culture and warmth that FRANK offered made me feel at home. FRANK is like a home with an open-door policy for all employees. Every day I get to look across the floor and see our CEO and members of the Executive team working a few feet away from me.

Nine months after I joined FRANK I got a position as a production analyst. When FRANK spots talent, it is made to shine. Of course this promotion was backed up with a background in IT as well as dedication, hard work and the support of my manager. FRANK’s culture let’s you see growth among colleagues, changing from sales agents to managers, quality assessors to trainers.

I am FRANK and I am happy with the road that has led me to where I am today. Then again, FRANK is not a person; FRANK is the people who help make this company grow day in and day out.

Production Analyst

Before I started working at FRANK.NET I had extensive experience in the insurance industry. What I love most about FRANK is the open-door policy. After presenting ideas to improve the business, I was promoted to team leader. What you put in, you definitely get out. The growth opportunities are endless when you work hard. This is an environment where everyone is part of the family called FRANK.NET. The culture here is truly unique.

I would recommend anyone who wants to gain personal success and growth to apply for a position here, especially with the development plans in place for all employees who exceed expectations.

Production Analyst

I was introduced to FRANK.NET’s culture in June 2010, when I was employed as a quality assessor. After about 18 months, I was offered the opportunity to grow within the company, but I was content with my position. When I was ready to take the next step I moved to our training department. I learnt so much in the training department and then yearned for more exposure. I subsequently joined FRANK’s medical underwriting team.

I feel extremely happy about where I am within the business, and I have comfort in knowing that opportunities exist for employees to expand their careers.

Junior Underwriter

Joining FRANK.NET was the best career move ever. Everything from the people to the culture is like no other company in the industry. Starting out as a quality assessor really exposed me to all facets of the business and opened up opportunities I never thought I would have, such as studying and becoming a claims assessor.

The best thing about FRANK is that hard work and talent gets rewarded. People at FRANK make you feel like you are part of a family. And nowhere else can you have rugby arguments with your compliance officer or make fun of your underwriting manager or even call your CEO on his first name. Such is the culture and people at FRANK. My thoughts … a job at FRANK is a job for life – all you have to do is put in the hard work and love what you do, and surely you will be rewarded.

Claims Assessor

  • Action-driven
  • Dynamic
  • Ambitious
  • Enthusiastic


FRANK.NET has in-house programmes that are specifically designed to identify individuals who show potential to fill leadership and specialist positions. FRANK is committed to the development of our employees and highly regards our people resources as part of our ongoing focus on growth. Employees are encouraged to increase the value they add in their current roles and to further develop their leadership and management capabilities.

First Impressions

We want you to impress us. If you are the right candidate for the job, prove it to us in your interview. The first few seconds of an interview is crucial, so before we get down to business, let’s consider a few aspects regarding your introduction:

  • Punctuality is non-negotiable. Before you come for the interview, familiarise yourself with the directions to our office and be sure to be on time.
  • Dress to impress. It is appropriate to dress professionally for an interview.
  • Use the beginning of the interview to your advantage. A confident and friendly introduction sets the scene for a successful interview.
Other important factors to consider:
  • Research: Try to find out as much as possible about FRANK.NET before you come for your interview. If you have familiarised yourself with the industry in which we operate and the products that we offer, the interview is sure to provide the opportunity to assess whether you are suitable for the position, and whether the position is suitable for you.
  • Prepare questions: Think about questions that you want to ask us about the job and about FRANK.NET. If you’ve done your research, you will be able to ask job-specific questions that we can answer.
  • Prepare answers: Consider possible questions that you can expect to be asked during the interview. If you think about these kinds of questions before the interview, you are likely to give us a glimpse of what it would be like working with you at FRANK.
  • Stay calm and manage your stress. We are looking forward to meeting you and communicating with you. If you are too stressed, you may struggle to think on your feet and communicate clearly.
  • Respect your references. Inform them of your job search so that they don’t get surprised by a call from us.
  • After the interview, it is appropriate to send a short and straightforward follow-up or thank you email to us. We may however frown upon multiple calls or emails. open days (applicable to call centre applicants):

Call Centre applicants who are shortlisted will be screened through a telephonic process and then be invited to one of our Open Days. These Open Days are group sessions offering candidates a chance to gain first-hand information about FRANK.NET.

FRANK.NET Open Days run for two hours comprising an hour’s session of assessments, in which candidates will also have the opportunity to do a three-minute presentation on themselves, followed by a short introduction to the business.

Attending a FRANK.NET Open Day will give you a chance to:

  • View and explore our office and work environment.
  • Meet our recruiters and hiring managers to discuss the position and requirements of the role.
  • Meet current employees and ask them questions about FRANK.NET.
  • Familiarise yourself with the culture of our business.
  • Candidates who pass the assessment with an 80% and above mark and meet the requirements of the job (good conduct, communication skills and work experience) will be called back for a final interview.

Popular interview questions:

Tell us about yourself?
This is usually asked as an icebreaker. We want to learn more about you through what you say and how you say it. You can answer this question by addressing how your qualities, eg your qualifications, personality and work experience, relate to the position that you applied for.

What are your weaknesses?
You can refer to a developmental area that you wish to address. You can for example say that you get picky with details if you are a meticulous person. Another option is to tell us about a weakness that you have overcome. Although you will be discussing a weakness, it is best to approach this question from a positive angle.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Choose an achievement that is relevant to the job.

Why did you or do you want to leave your job?
We are looking for positive candidates. Think how the position you applied for can improve your job satisfaction without complaining about your previous employer. We want to find out whether this job will meet your expectations.

Why do you want to work for FRANK.NET?
Your response will show whether you can identify with our values and vision. Honesty remains the best policy.

Why did you apply for this position?
We want to see whether you will be committed to FRANK.NET. The best way to answer this question is to assess for yourself what you like or would like about your work and our company.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?
Are you someone who sets goals for yourself? Highlight the skills you would like to acquire and ask about opportunities that exist within FRANK that can meet your long-term objectives.

Why should we hire you?
You need to be familiar with the job description so that you can link your skills, education and personality to the job and the company. Back up your answer with practical examples and showcase your motivation and confidence and that you are suited for the job.

Do you have any questions to ask?
This is your chance to finish the interview with a lasting impression. Although most of the questions you’ve had before the interview may have been answered during the meeting, you should still try to ask a question or two. If you are keen on the job, show your interest for example by asking about the starting date or how big the team will be that you may be joining. This may be our final opportunity to decide whether you should be hand-picked by FRANK.