Serious Illness Cover

If you get seriously ill, FRANK pays.

  • Get up to R2 million tax-free lump sum payout.
  • Cover for heart attacks, open heart surgery, cancer and strokes.
  • Fuss-free application process with no paperwork or full medicals

If you got very sick, who else would suffer?

Being diagnosed with cancer or having a heart attack are the last things anyone wants to think about, but serious illnesses like these can affect those around you – especially your loved ones. With Serious Illness Cover from FRANK you’ll receive a cash lump sum of between R100,000 and R2 million, tax free, if you suffer from a stroke, heart attack or cancer, or undergo open heart surgery.

Use The Money However You Want to:

Because there are so many unique additional expenses if you get very sick, FRANK doesn’t tell you how to use the money. It’s cash in your pocket for you to use as you choose, whether you:

  • Take your family on holiday while you recuperate.
  • Pay for additional medical bills not covered by your medical aid.
  • Travel to see a specialist.
  • Employ a nurse for 24-hour care.

Here's what FRANK covers

FRANK covers a specific set of Serious Illnesses and will pay you an agreed lump sum if you’re diagnosed, by a registered doctor, with any of the following:


This involves the death of brain tissue as a result of insufficient blood supply or bleeding within the skull. A stroke must be confirmed by a CAT scan or MRI. A neurologist must send FRANK confirmation that neurological signs and symptoms of dead brain tissue are still present three months after the event.


This entails the death of a portion of the heart muscle as a result of inadequate blood supply. Heart attacks must be confirmed by a cardiologist, with evidence of characteristic medical (typical clinical) symptoms. These include acute ECG changes, which are generally accepted as indicative of a heart attack, raised biochemical markers indicating death of the heart muscle, and permanent pathological ECG changes, indicative of a heart attack, at least six weeks later.


FRANK will pay out if you undergo open heart surgery that requires division of the breast bone (sternum).


FRANK will pay out if you suffer from any malignant (cancerous), solid tumour that is characterised by uncontrolled growth of malignant cells and the invasion of the tissue of origin. We will also cover you if you are diagnosed with any cancer of the blood, requiring either chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a bone marrow transplant, as recommended by an oncologist. Please note that prostate cancer is only covered if the tumour can be felt on examination by an oncologist. Non-melanoma skin cancer will be covered only if the tumour is bigger than 2 cm. Note that we don’t cover Kaposi’s sarcoma.

There is a three-month waiting period for cancer cover from the start date of your policy. This means that the cover must be in place for at least three months before you are diagnosed with cancer or you cannot claim.

Important Stuff


FRANK wants to make sure that when you claim, we pay. So honesty at every stage of the process is of the utmost importance. If we find that some or all of the details you supplied were inaccurate, it could affect your claim.


FRANK needs to know if you change jobs, start or stop smoking, take up a risky activity or sport or if you are planning to be outside of South Africa for more than 30 consecutive days. It is important that you keep us updated on any of the above lifestyle choice changes.


We want to ensure that when you claim, we pay. Make sure you obtain and follow qualified medical advice when required. FRANK will not be able to pay the claim if you harm or injure yourself on purpose, or if you are injured while breaking the law or while intentionally putting yourself in a position where you are exposed to terrorism, war or war-like activities.


For full cover, you will need to go for an HIV blood test with one of our nurses. FRANK will pay for this test, we’ll even send a nurse to conveniently do the blood test where and when it suits you. The test must be submitted to us within 90 days of the start of your contract. Your results are kept strictly confidential. The results of the test may affect your cover and your monthly payment.


Keep FRANK informed of all changes as information that isn’t shared can affect future claims. We may have to adjust your cover amount and monthly payments. If your lifestyle factors have improved, your monthly payment might even decrease!